Piney areas, beautiful beaches and picturesque islands with exotic beaches compose the image of the region, which was once a dependency Oros monasteries. The emerald – turquoise waters between the coast and the Diaporos is not deeper than 5 meters and, combined with the almost always calm sea, vegetation and secluded sandy beaches, make a landscape that you have certainly only seen in photos of the Caribbean. The bay ends in shallow waters, remaining always warm and suitable for winter swimmers. Most of the island is covered by pine forest.

Halkidiki, besides beautiful beaches, it has beautiful mountains. The Itamos mountain is an unknown for most, relatively low (alt. 817 m.), but gorgeous! Many characterized as a lost paradise. The low area covered by pine trees while over the 600-700 m., dominated forests with black pines and few firs, where they live and several deers.

In Vourvourou there are small islets that surround the bay with larger the Diaporos. The water is pretty shallow. Swim in beaches and islets with small beaches. In the region of Vourvourou and to the southeast is a small cluster of three beaches.

  • Fava: The central and largest beach. The fine sand, emerald waters and pebbles are the dominant elements.
  • Karidi: East of Vourvourou there are two beaches separated by a rocky nose.
  • Lagonissi: Very beautiful beach of over 300 meters in length.
  • Trani Ammouda: It is a beautiful beach 1800 meters with wonderful turquoise waters and fine sand. It attracts visitors of all ages and satisfies the tastes of lonely couples and large families. Holder blue flag by the European Union, has organized at all levels.